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Pull the Plug on Climate Change

We Team ‘Make a Difference’ are taking part in the ‘One Good Idea’ Project organized by the SEAI. Our aim is to successfully run an innovative awareness campaign about climate change. Our chosen topic is ‘Climate Change -The Bigger Picture’ and our target audience is our peers. We have undertaken many tasks and projects to raise awareness in our school and outside in our local areas about the environment.

Team Make A Difference

Team ‘Make A Difference’: Aisling McGloughlin, Emma Cooke, Ciara Dunne, Lauren Fagan, Sarah Ferguson and Gráinne Kane. Transition Year 2010.

Our Campaign:


We feel that climate change is a large jigsaw consisting of many pieces - the ecosystem, polar ice, human and natural influences. Although the puzzle is not yet complete, scientists agree that there are enough pieces to fit together to show that humans are having an adverse effect on our planet. We’d like to show our peers how they can make themselves part of this bigger picture by focusing on the smaller ones.

As our target audience is our peers we decided to focus on an aspect of climate change that affects our age group: technology. By this we mean new technology such as iPods, mobile phones, phone chargers, televisions, computers, hair straighteners and so on. We researched how using this technology affects the world around us. For example:

  • Chargers left plugged in when not in use account for ¼ million tonnes of CO2 per year.

  • If everyone in the UK turned off their TV overnight it would save more than £66 million worth of electricity each year, which would floodlight 250,000 Premiership football matches!

We then presented this information to our peers and asked them to do something to change it. Simple things such as unplugging your phone charger, turning the TV off standby or using a solar powered phone charger make huge differences. Another thing we encouraged our school and peers to do was to use Blackle is an energy saving search engine powered by Google. It works just like Google and will give the same results but it saves energy by emitting less light.
 Campaign Logo - Jigsaw


Our campaign to raise awareness included the following:

We have had great response to our campaign. The debate, presentations and facebook page specifically seem to have had a good impact. Hopefully this is just the start of making our generation much more eco-friendly!


Here are some tips on how you can make a difference:


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