• Student Support

The school has a dedicated student support team which meets regularly (and virtually) during this time to discuss how best to support those more vulnerable students who may be finding this situation particularly difficult and challenging.  Many students are missing the daily interaction with their friends and teachers and may be finding the sudden change in their lifestyles particularly challenging. The team also links in with the year heads who know their students and are on the alert for those students who are failing to engage or who are presenting as stressed or challenged.

The Student support team have created a number of google classrooms which contain resources to assist students in looking after their well-being during these changed times. Feedback from students who have joined these Google classrooms has been very positive. We would ask that you encourage your daughter/s to join these classes and avail of the beneficial helpful resources. The google classroom access codes were previously sent to students via email. Additional resources are added on a regular basis. The student support google classrooms are as follows:


  1. Mindfulness resources google classroom accessible to all students, contents,


  • 6 session mindfulness course.


  1. Emotional support google classroom accessible to all students. The topics include:


  • 5 ways to manage your online gaming
  • 5 ways to manage your mobile phone better 
  • 3 common sleep mistakes 
  • 8 ways to cope with change 
  • benefits of eating breakfast 
  • Managing my online access
  • Sleep resources 
  • Healthy eating 
  • Thrive inside, Smiling minds resource 
  • Dr. Harry Barry, Overcoming panic attacks resource 
  • Thoughts log 
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Anxiety and stress management resources


Links to support websites offering support to young people





3.Study tips google classroom, accessible to 6th and 5th years topics include:

  • Study skills and exam preparation
  • Study videos
  • How to manage your mobile phone
  • Common mistakes students make
  • Study plans

The above lists offer insight to the helpful and supportive content available to your daughter/s. 

We would like to draw you attention to the helpful resources that are available to parents/guardians and students at www.jigsaw.ie

There are resources that have been specifically developed to support and offer guidance to parents and guardians in supporting their young people. Visit www.jigsaw.ie  home page and select the section for parents to access relevant resources, you will also see additional useful supports on the web page.

Information for parent/guardian of 6th years

SUSI is now open for online applications for the SUSI Grant, which offers financial supports to students progressing on to third level. Early application is advisable to reduce delays in processing payments to eligible students. 6th year students have received emails in relation to making a SUSI application. Further information is available at www.susi.ie The guidance counsellors have invited all 6th years to the 6th year google classroom which contains important resources and information in relation to SUSI, scholarships, bursaries, student loans, student assistance and more.

Relevant information received from Higher Educational Institutions course providers (3rd level courses providers) is forwarded to students on a regular basis e.g. virtual camp visits, online information webinars.