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The TY Musical

  • The first night of the TY Musical- "The King & I"- took place on Monday the 11th of April to Friday the 15th. Suffice to say, the musical was spectacular and the efforts of all the students involved and the teachers were not in vain. Congratulations to all memebers of the TY musical group and all the teachers involved especially Ms Ferris and Ms Barnet.
  • You can read more about the Musical by clicking the link in the contents to the right.

Fashion Show

  • The first night of the fashion show is over and it was a huge success thanks to all the hard work put in by the transition year fashion show production team, the models and art students and of course Ms Briscoe and Ms Lennon.
  • You can learn more about the fashion show by clicking the link in the contents to the right
carolin and eniola

Causey Farm Fashion Show Production Team

The Fashion Show Models & Production Team (Rachel, Katie, Stephanie and Mieke)

TY Webmasters Caroline & Eniola


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 Driving Course

  • Anybody interested in the Driving Course is to leave an envelope with their name, class and €60 in the TY postbox or give their envelope to Ms Scally. The Driving Course will take place on the 10th and 14th of December.
News Update 03/05/11
  • The driving courses have gone underway and today, the last of  the driving course took place.  Everyone who took part in this course can all agree, that it was a wonderful and thrilling experience. But, must importantly everyone can proudly say that they didn't crash their car! 

 Module Changes

  • The modules for each module colour have changed. What modules each colour has now can be checked on the module changes list.

 Transition Year Retreat

  • Gerry Keegan visited the school and held a retreat for Transition Years on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November. The theme of the retreat was individuality and Gerry played songs on his guitar and told stories throughout the retreat. It was very successful and we learned a lot about ourselves.

 Chemistry & Biology Science Live Trips

  • Some TY students attended the hour long Science Live Nanotechnology Workshop for science week. It covered nanotechnology in a fun way which involved lots of demonstrations.
  • 20 TY students attended the Science Live Survival of the Fittest held by Dublin Zoo in the RDS. It covered adaption with live animals, skulls of different animals and confiscated goods such as furs and snake skins.

 Public Access to Law

  • The Public Access to Law course took place on the 11th of October. It cost €20 and was a day long course where TY students were educated in the workings of the Irish judicial system as well as being given a brief insight into the work of a barrister.

    This course was particularly helpful to students who have an interest in becoming involved in Law.
 News Update 09/04/11- Mock Trials
  • On Saturday the ninth of April, Mock Trials took place in Dubin at the Four Courts. The Mock Trials are a part of the pubic access to law course. The Mock Trials is a competition in which TY  students  take on the roles of memebers of the court-room and present a case before the court. The winners are the team who present their case the best.
  • All students who took part in the previous course where encouraged to join. In the end a team of seventeen TY students was made and the team entered the competition. Unfortunately, this team did not get through to the national finals. Well done to everyone who took part, from the solicitor, to the witness, the jurors and the students who took part in the seperate competition catergories. Congratulations to Eimear Gorey and Deirdre Harford- the two barristers for the three cases- they did a fantastic job.
  • Special congratulations to Amy Tolan and Sarah Rodgers, who both placed in their seperate competition catergories. They will be given the chance to go to the national finals of the competition and claim their prizes.

 Causey Farm Bonding Trip

  • On the 27th of September, this year all TY students went on a trip to Causey Farm - a local farm in the heart of Meath, nearby Kells.

    The day consisted of lots of fun filled activities including: Irish Dancing , Baron Playing,  Sheep  Herding, Bread Baking, Cow Milking, Chicken Chasing and of course, Bog Jumping.

    Overall the day was a great success and and definite 10 out of 10 experience. 

Causey Farm

A student trying her hand at milking a cow in Causey Farm.


 English & History Trip to London & Stratford-Upon-Avon

  • In September, 60 students from fourth, fifth and sixth year and a few teachers went on an English and History trip to London and Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare's birthplace).
  • In London we saw Big Ben, the Thames and the London Eye. We visited the O2 Arena, the Globe Theatre, the National War Museum and we went shopping on Oxford Street.
  • In Stratford-Upon-Avon we visited Mary Arden's house, Shakespeare's birthplace and we went shopping on the main street of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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Gaisce, The Presidents Award Ireland

Gaisce is Ireland's national Challenge Award- it is the country's most respected and prestigious individual award programme. Transition Year students are encouraged to participate in this event as it is a great oppurtunity to learn and develop new skills as well as a challenge to grow as an individual.

Reminder: A fee of €10 is required and the forms detailing the activities you will be taking part in is required to be handed into Ms. Mc Caul by Friday the 19th of November.

Power of One & Junior Spiders

This year a few TY students will be participating in Power of One's, One Good Idea Project. The One Good Idea Project is an oppurtunity for students to discuss and debate climate change and energy effiency issues; and using their various talents (art, bussiness, C.S.P.E, music etc...) to bring the message of Power of One and Change campaigns to their communities in innovative and captivating ways. It is a chance for students to research and express their concerns about the environment and the world around. To learn more click here.

This year as part of their projects, five of the TY Power of One groups created their very own websites, some using the school website as the host. To view these websites and learn about the various groups and their projects, simply click the links below:

Little Feet
Just Go Green
Team Tree To One
Team LED
Waste Watchers

All of these sites are still in progress, so please stick with us as we continue our website developments.

Team Tree To One also participated in the Junior Spiders Competition sponsored by eircom.
Junior Spiders is a website development competition which encourages students to design and develop their computer and IT skills. After being shortlisted and announced finalists, they attended an exhibition and awards on the 17th of December. At the awards ceremony it was announced they won their category: best website based on a school project. To learn more about the Junior Spiders Competition click here.

Their website which won in the Junior Spiders is:

Team Tree To One's Website        

News Update
  • Recently three Power of One groups recieved word that they had gotten through to the finals of the One Good Idea competition. Congratulations to WasteWatchers, Just Go Green and Team Tree to One.  Unfortunately Team L.E.D and Little Feet did not get through however their work along with al of our work will be displayed at the end of the year in an exhibition.
  • The finals of the competition will take place  Friday  the 13th of May. Good luck guys!

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

This is the 47th year that the competition is taking place, and the event will be held in the RDS from the 12th -15th of January.  The  BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is like a 'science fair'- it is a competition in which students come up with an idea which they must research, organise, experiment and collect data to put into a project. However, these ideas must fall under one of the following competition catergories:

-Biology and Ecological Sciences
-Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences
-Social & Behavioural Sciences

Unfortunately Deirdre Harford, the only TY student to enter, did not get through to the finals of the BT Young Scientist. Perhaps next year, as fifth years, more people will enter and they'll get through.

For more information on the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition click on this link.      

All Ireland Linguistic Oylmpiad (AILO)

A linguistics olympiad is a contest in which secondary school students solve linguistic puzzles. In solving the problems, students learn about the diversity and consistency of language, while exercising logic skills. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is necessary, but the competitions have proven very successful in attracting top students to study in the field of linguistics. For more information visit the AILO website:

To enter, talk to Ms. Scally.

Maths Oylmpiad

Ireland will be competing in the 52nd International Maths Olympiad which will take place in Amsterdam. If you want to participate in the olympiad you must go to the training days at NUI Maynooth or UCD. If you are among the top students at the training days you are entered for the Irish Maths Oylmpiad and if you are one of the top six students in the country you can be entered in the International Maths Olympiad in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. For more information on both the training and the Olympiads themselves, see the below links.

NUI Maynooth Training Dates
- Starts on Sat 4th Dec <- Cancelled because of bad weather. It will start on Sat 11th Dec instead.
UCD Training Dates 
Irish Maths Oylmpiad - Sample problems and suggested solutions and more information
International Maths Oylmpiad

National Career Skills

The competition is based on your experience on a work placement. When you do a work placement, you get a chance to see and meet the people who's work and efforts contribute to the success of a company or organisation. This competition asks you to investigate closely one person who you get to work alongside during your placement. It asks you to describe the job-role, find out what education is required to enter it, to notice some of the skills required to do the job well, and most importantly, describe what skills you have developed during that time.

The details for this competition can be found on or here on this link.

Show Racism The Red Card: Creative Competition 2011

This competition is open to all students - not only the TYs. Basically, to enter this competition you must produce a written, a visual (art) or audio-visual entry based on the Show Racism the Red Card DVD (which can be viewed on youtube). For more info, click here.

If there are any new competitions please inform Caroline Brennan or Eniola Kasim.

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Here's a handy section- the Modules section is a helpful little sneak peek at what each module is about, so you have an idea on what your new modules have in store for you.

Self Defence

A pretty self explanatory module! As the title suggests, in this module students learn how to defend themselves and avoid danger. The class is quite active, so students are encouraged to input into the class- be it by helping demonstrate (which can be a rather painful experience) or vocally expressing their opinions. However it is also very important that you listen to your instructor and take notes. There is a test at the end of the module based on the techniques you've learned, this test makes up your grade, so be prepared.

Health and Beauty

The objective of this module is to encourage students to take care of their health and bodies; as growing teenage girls this is very essential knowledge. Your grade for the module is assesed by both a powerpoint presentation (on a topic of your choosing, permitted it has to fall within either the catergory of health or beauty) which is 80% of your grade, and your written class/talk reports which make up 20% of your grade.

Substance Abuse

The objective of this module is to build on our knowledge for Junior Cert CSPE about drugs and substance abuse. You learn new terms and learn about drugs in much more detail than you did in CSPE. The module is assessed by a powerpoint presentation on a drug or an aspect of drugs of your choice.

Digital Image Editing


The name of this module is very self-explanatory! This module is very energetic and  lots of  fun. All who participate in this module will have a wonderful experience and learn some great dance moves along the way! The objectivve of this module is to teach a paticular style of dance (for example, salsa). The module is assesed in tow-folds. Firstly, at the end of the module there is a hand-written project about dance that needs to be handed into the module teacher. Secondly, students team-up a create a dance using the steps they've learnt over the module and present the dance to the class.

Environmental Studies  


In this module you learn how to speak italiano, as well as learn new things about the italian culture. This module is great fun and extremely interesting- especially when learning how to properly pronounce the words. The module is assessed through a written project based around Italy.

Theatre Make-Up

In this module you learn how to create the special effects (or fx as it's usually called) that would often appear on TV. Looks that you can learn to create include the Fop look, the Egyptian look, the Sick look, the Cut Glass Wound and the Bullet Wound. This module is often a lot of fun as you get to do something you would not normally get the opportunity to do. It is assessed in the following way:

- A Research Project worth 25%
- A Portfolio of looks you do in class worth 25%
- A look you do at home worth 25%
- A test done in class worth the remaining 25%


Crime Studies

In this module you can learn about different types of law, the courts system in Ireland and so on. It is assessed through a written project.

Life Skills

In this module you get to learn valuble life skills such as how to work in a team, how to understand body language, the influence of colour in our lives, DIY and many other things. It is assessed through a project on a life skill of your choice which is to presented to the class in the least boring way possible!


Bio-tech is all about the use of technology in biology i.e medicine, the module's main focus is in DNA and how in recent times scientist have been able to unravel the mystery behind DNA. The assessment for this module is purely based on classwork- so there is no project- however full participation is expected in class. 

Sign Language

In this module you learn some sign language and more about the deaf and blind. It helps you become more understanding about people who cannot see or hear and allows you to converse with the deaf. As part of the module you go on a walk with a blindfold on to learn how difficult it is for the blind. It is assessed through a test at the end of the module in which you write down the meaning of words signed by the teacher. The test is worth 100%.


Horticulture... basically a fancy term for gardening. This is a very mellow yet active class- a lovely module to get. The horticulture class is involved in the upkeep of the school garden- which unfortunately had to be replanted due the construction work taking place in the school. The module is assesed through a project based on your classwork, which accounts for 100% of your grade.

JPIC- which stands for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation- is a lovely project to have. Much like substance abuse- this module expands on CSPE but deals more with Human Rights and Stewardship. This module is assesed throuugh a project in which you base around one of the Eight Millenium Goals (which you will learn about in class), this accounts for al your grade.

If any student has a description of the above modules please give them to Caroline or Eniola 4C.

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Fashion Show

The Life of a TY Model: An interview with Miss Model Aine Boshell
Q. What do you enjoy most about being a model?

A. I'm a hat model so I like the fact that our routine is different to the rest of the show.

Q. What are the pros/cons of your role in the fashion show?

A.  The pros are that we get to show off the art students hard work and it's just really great fun! The cons would be that it's really hard to get the timing right and the hats sometimes... fall off while we're performing!

Q. Would you reccommend this job (Fashion Show Model) to the future 4th years?

A. Definitely...
Q. What advice would you give the 3rd years about their next year?
 A. Just really get into whatever it is your doing- put your 100% in to it- because if you put effort into it you get so much more out of it.

Q. What was the most exciting/funniest/weirdest thing that has happened while you were on the job?!

A. The craic is amazing behind stage, so there's loads of funny stuff happening backstage everyday ;)

Q. What would you rate this module?.... and be honest!

A. 9/10, I'd say the -1 mark is because there's a lot of sitting around and waiting but you get used to it and it adds to the excitment when actually do get to go up on stage.  

Feeling Large and In Charge!: An interview with Stephanie, a member of the Fashion show production team

Q. What do you enjoy most about being on the production team?

A. I love everything to do with my module! The fashion show team this year was excellent- that helped because it gave everyone something important to do. I couldn't really pick a favourite bit because I loved everything.

Q. What are the pros/cons of your module choice?

A. Well.... the pros are:

-You get to see all the hard work put into the show at the end when it all comes together- from the booket to the actual show.

-All the peope involved! It's a module where everyone gets to know everyone- I think it's great we have a fourth year with mixed module groups... it gives us a chance to meet new lovely people!

-And of's real fun to do!

The cons:

-.... there's not an awful lot of time to do all the work. This can make the job a bit stressful but, it's still enjoyable.

Q. Would you reccommend this job (Fashion Show Production Team Member) to the future 4th years?

A. I would definitely reccomend this to the future 4th years. In general, in the Fashion Show there are lots of jobs, from the likes of producing, organizing sound and  lights, being a stage manager, exploring your imagination by becoming a memeber of the creative team or even being a part of the hair and make-up team! See what I mean... that's a lot of jobs!

Q. What skills have you gained since starting the module?

A. As a producer, I feel a lot more confident. I have been talking more comfortably to teachers, other staff and of course students. Since starting the module I've learned how to deal with money, file (documents), get sponsorship from different businesses, make ads and other media, edit videos and take professional photos.

Q. What advice would you give the 3rd years about their next year?

A. Just to be prepared to put in an awwwful lot of hard work! And also to have patience and be thoughtful - there's a long road ahead of you!

Q. What was the most exciting/funniest/weirdest thing that has happened while you were on the job?!

A. There's been so many! But, it was so exciting seeing the stage properly set up for the first time. It really felt like the show was coming together.

Q. What would you rate this module?.... and be honest!

A. 9 ¾ out of 10.  Just to make it that little bit awkward!

Review of this year's TY Musical  

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This year's musical is "The King and I". The King and I is set in Siam (modern day Thailand). The main characters include Anna, the King, Anna's son Louis, Tuptim, Lun Tha, Lady Thiang and the Prince Chulalongkorn. There are a lot of songs and elaborate scenes so it should be very good.

New Developments

Since the fashion show is now over rehersals can really get underway for the musical. The chorus are working on their songs, the students playing the main roles are learning their lines, the production team are making the programme, the costume team are making dresses, set design are brainstorming ideas and the props team are finding all the props to make everything look well.

Drama Queens: An interview with the leads of this year's TY musical, Caoimhe Reynolds & Kelly Mehan Brown

We caught up with the two leads of this year's Musical and, making time in their busy schedules, the two drama queens spared us some time, so that they could be interviewed. Here's what happened:

Q. Hey guys, soo... what's your favourite parts of being the leads of this year's TY Musical?

A. Kelly: I enjoy feeling like I'm part of the bigger picture. I like the fact that I feel important and involved during the rehersals. 

A. Caoimhe: Yeah... My favourite part about being in the Musical, at all, is the fact that I can do two of the things I love... Singing and Dancing! It helps me burn energy because I'm so energetic and easily excited- LOL!

Q.  What are the pros/cons of this big responsibilty you two have on your shoulders?

A. Caoimhe: The pros are that I get to do what I love but... the cons would definitely be the whole big responsibilty bit. Oh! And, of course, the amount of lovely lines I have to learn!

A. Kelly:  The pros: The enjoyment and fufilment of taking part, and the overall atmosphere. The cons: There's an awful lot of sitting around while others are working on parts that you're not involved in.

Q. I see... So with all this in mind, would you reccommend the TY Musical to the future 4th years?

A. Kelly: DEFINITELY!!! It's great fun and I'm enjoying it immensely (8D) 

A. Caoimhe: Yeah, I would because it's really worth the while and great fun ^_^

Q. That's really positive feedback! So, are you happy with your mnodule choice overall? And if so, what would you grade it?

A. Caoimhe: I am really really happy with my module choice and I wouldn't  change it for the world. I feel this role really suits me and I have no problems working hard when it gets down to it... plus I'm having a total ball hanging with my friends while working hard! A 10/10 experience for definite, because it's just totally awesome!

A. Kelly: Yup! Being a lead in the Musical was all I wanted to do when I learned about TY, ha ha! I give the module 9/10 :)

Review of this year's TY Musical

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