HPV Vaccination Survey

To complete the survey for the TY students Young Scientist project on the short term effects of the HPV vaccination - click here


November 7th, 2016

The 2017 Coursework B investigation titles have been issued by the State Examinations Commission and the students can now begin their background research, preparation and planning. The Coursework B link at the side of this page provides details of those titles, as well as lots of additional helpful material.




The new (September 2016 - first years) curriculum as well as the older first, second and third year syllabi, for our school, are available from the menu at left.

Class tests and end of year examinations are based on these syllabi.

As you revise, it may be helpful to have a printed copy open, and to tick each item as it is revised. There's a printer friendly pdf version on each page.

On these webpages there are links to other websites that will help you understand the topic and are worth viewing (undoubtedly, of greater educational benefit to you than the equivalent amount of time spent on facebook!). Be aware that, in some cases, these links may contain a little material not directly on the syllabus, but it won't hurt you.

Please let your science teacher know if any of the links fail.