About The One Good Idea Competition

The One Good Idea Competition is run annually by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. It's aim to the highlight the power that one person has to help prevent climate change; as well as bring to light how energy efficient one peson can be. Students work in teams of two to six members. Each team researches, designs and implements an awareness campaign to tackle climate change or promote energy efficiency to one of the four target audiences: adults and the wider community, your peers, primary school children or local businesses.

This year there were two broad project topics to choose from: Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

To enter the competition you have to follow 3 steps:

1) Choose either the topic Climate Change or Energy Efficiency.
2) Research the topic.
3) Campaign by deciding on a target audience, and deciding on the message they wish to get across. They then create a creative campaign to deliver their message.

Each team also must submit a photo as part of their application that captures their chosen campaign.

Find out what topic, target audience and campaign we chose here.

You can check out the Sustainable Energy Authoriity of Ireland's Official page on the One Good Idea competition here.