13th May- Competition Evening

The One Good Idea has finally ended- we must say it was fun whille it lasted! We spet the whole day in Dubllin castle and saw many other projects- it obvious that Team Tree To One weren't the only ones who had workeed hard and made good progress with their projct this year.

Anyway, moving on..... The reults of the competition are out and.....



It really was a nooteworthy moment when the called our names for the overall winners.... It was one of the best moments of doing the whole project- in fact it wasn't even about winning, it was the fact that  our hard wok had paid of and had ben appreciated.

And, speaking of appreciation- we the memebers of Team Tree To One, Caroline, Colleen, Deirdre,  Eniola, Jade and Samantha- would like the extend our thanks to all the people who helped may our  project what it has formed to be. These people include:

-Our wonderful teacher, Ms. Derwin: She pushed- more like kicked- us forward dutifully and with care, encouraged and supported us (You really helped us to reach out best- even when we had lost hope and had fallen out with each other).

-Another wonderful teacher, Ms.Garvey: This website may not have been what it is now if it weren't for his guidance, patience and the sacrifice of his free time.

-The Local Balbrigggan Schools that allowed us  visit your school's, they were kind and welcoming and the children eager- which hlped ease our nerves and made the experience all the more enjoyable.

-Our principle, Mr.Fynes: Thank you for permitting us do the project! For giving all of within the Power of One class, a special cass devoted to the project and cause- and also for your support throughout (even though your schedules busy- you made time to come down to the two competition finas and give your regrads).

-Our Family and Friends: For supporting and being there for us, especially through tough times (the times things weren't going so smoothly and we needed to rant and rave to someone).

-Our classmate: Your healthy competition was part of the fuel needed to push our  project forward. We feel at the end of the day we  are all winners!

To all the people mentiioned above and any we may have forgotten... Thank you all so very much. We really neeeded, appreciate and are gracious for all your individual help!

Though the competition has ended we may continue to edit our website. See you guys later!

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13th May- Competition Morning

Name: Team Tree to One

Date: 13th of  May

Significance: COMPETITION FINAL!!!

Status: Level of nervousness is off the radar!

Today's the day- this is it. All our hard work comes down to this day! We're al so nervous and we hope we've prepared enoungh to impress the judges!  We would really like to win. But if we don't (please we will) the experience was great- we've learnt so much about cimate change, trees and ourselves. We loved the experience no matter what and are glad we participated in this project.

Team Tree One are now signing off till later this evening. Bye for now- wish us luck!

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11th May - Teacher's Pack

As the competition finale approaches we the members of Team Tree To One have one final venture to complete. For the last of act our campaign we decided to deliver Teacher Pack's to the schools we visited.

These packs  included a  presentation all aboout climate change as well as some worksheets and esson idea. You can find a sample of our pack's on the lessons page.

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1st April - Awesome News

Last month Team Tree To One's "One Good Idea" entry was sent in. Today we recieved news about the competition and.....


Team Tree To One are one of ten other finaist who will be participating in the Senior Catergory of the "One Good Idea" project. Every member of Team Tree To One is currently rejoicing, we're absolutely overjoyed- all our hard work has eventually paid off. To even get through to the finals was a big feat and were so grateful that we were picked to get through.

We'll keep posting and hopefully by next month we'll have some awesome news about the results of the competition. Fingers crossed!

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10th March - News Update

Our "One Good Idea" competition entry has been sent in!!! And now we wait with baited breath to see if we got through to the "One Good Idea" project finals.

Alot has happened since our last update- and unfortunately we've been too busy to update. Recently, Team Tree To One went on another Primary School visit (you can see a video clip of one of our primary school visits on our Funstuff page)- spreading our message about Climate Change to young primary school students. Thankfully, the visit was successful and penty of new Climate Change  Superheroes  were created that day.

Team Tree to One has also been mentioned in local newspapers, as well as on the unicef Ireland blog- here are some links to the articles and the Unicef blog:

Unicef Ireland Blog

North County Leader (article)

Fingal Independent (article)

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18th January - News Update

It's been over a month since we last posted a blog- but by no means have we the members of Team Tree To One been stagnant during that period. As the deadllines for the One Good Idea Competition push closer- we find ourselves racing to perfect our project.

Firstly, Team Tree To One will be mentioned in local Skerrie's Newspape- "Skerrie's News" . Team representative Deirdre Harford contacted the newspaper and, a brief message form Team Tree To One will be mentioned within the newpaper- so be on the lookout for it- we know we will!

Secondly, Team Tree To One has recenlty been interviewed on the radio and this Friday the interview will be broadcasted on RTE Radio One's Show, Mooney Goes Wild. Both Deirdre Harford and Collen kelly partook in the interview and the whole team is excited to hear how the interview went.

And lastly, as part of our project we are making a presentation for the first year students in our school- to raise more awarness about Climate Change as well as our project.

Deirdre and Colleen's Radio Intervew

From left to right: Colleen Kelly and Deirdre Harford.

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17th December - We won the Junior Spiders!

We had an exhibition and awards ceremony for Junior Spiders today in the Helix. For the exhibition we had our own stand which we ddecoreted with posters and coloured leaves. After the exhibition the awards ceremony took place where we found out that our website had won our catagory. Mr. Fynes, Mr. Garvey and all of the members of our team were present for the awards.

Here are some photos we took at the awards in front of our stand:

Team Photo at Junior Spiders exhibition

From left to right: Jade, Caroline, Eniola, Deirdre, Samantha, Colleen.

Caroline and Eniola with Mr Fynes at the Junior Spiders Exhibition

From left to right: Caroline, Eniola and Mr Fynes (the school principal).

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14th December - We're in the Newspaper!

We found out today that we are in the local newspaper: the Fingal Independent. The article is about us being a finalist in the Junior Spiders competition. It includes tha above banner photo of Eniola. We will scan the article up over the weekend.

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13th December - Junior Spiders Exhibition & Awards On Friday

This Friday all of our team members, our Power of One teacher (who told us about Junior Spiders), our teacher who helped us with the website (and gave us permission to host it on the school website) and our school principal will be attending the Junior Spiders exhibition and Awards.

For the exhibtion, we will have a stand which we will decorate with posters about our website. The exhibition will last an hour and a half and then there will be an awards ceremony for two hours. It will be then that we find out how we did.

We'll update on Friday as soon as we know how we did. Wish us luck. :)

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6th December - Eco-Unesco Competition

We have now decided that we are also going to enter the Young Envoirnmentalist Awards. It is run by Eco-Unesco, Ireland's Envoirnmental Education and Youth Organisation. The aim of the Young Envoirnmentalist Awards are to recognise and reward the achievements of young people in envoirnmental protection and are open to any group of young people, aged 10-18, who want to take action on key envoirnmental issues such as Climate Change, Energy, Waste, Biodiversity, Transport and more.

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30th November - Junior Spiders Update

It has been officially announced... Team Tree To One are finalists in the Junior Spiders Website Competition! There is an official publication of all the finalists and winners on the Junior Spiders website- to view it click here on this link

Caroline and Eniola will both be attending the award ceremony taking place in the Helix on the 17th of December, along with their supporting teachers. It is guaranteed to be a fun day out and the two girls are really looking forward to the day out. The other memebers of Team Tree To One are equally excited and can't wiat ot see how the team fared.

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29th November - First Primary School Visit

We are going to visit our first primary school - St. George's in Balbriggan - tomorrow, Tuesday. We plan to do some art and games with the class as they are only Senior Infants as well as telling them our own story about climate change and teaching them our song. It's through the art, games, story and song we will teach them about climate change and trees as we don't want to bore them. We'll update tomorrow and let you know how it went.

Here's a link to Team Tree To One's Climate Change Song

Here's a link to Team Tree To One's Climate Change Story

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25th November - Quizzes Begin

Today our quizzes for 1st and 2nd year Science and Technology students began. The students had a lot of fun answering questions about both climate change and energy efficiency and more fun questions about popular culture. They learned quite a few things they didn't know before and won prizes while they were doing it. We will be holding quizzes with the various classes for the next two weeks. By the end of the next two weeks we will have held quizzes for 10 classes with a total of about 270 students.

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23rd November - Mary Robinson EPA Climate Change Lecture

Four members of our team (Caroline, Colleen, Deirdre and Eniola) attended the Environment Protection Agency's (EPA's) Climate Change lecture. The guest speaker was Mary Robinson; former president of Ireland, former United Nations Commissioner of Human Rights and founder of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice. She spoke about Climate Justice which is putting people in the centre of the debate on climate change and asking the question "Who will suffer?".

Mary Robinson's lecture is online on the EPA's website so you can learn about the concept of Climate Justice too. It can be found here.

After Mary Robinson's lecture we got a photo of the four members of the team who attended the lecture with Mary Robinson. Unfortunately the person who took the photo accidentally shook the camera while taking it, so it's not good for the web..

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19th November - Upcoming Fundraising Event: Quiz

We are going to hold quizzes for all 2nd year science classes and some 1st year science and technology classes in order to fundraise for our trip to local primary schools. We will hold the quizzes during the student's science or technology classes and we will supply prizes for the winners in each class. As well as a way of raising funds, this adds to the students knowledge of Climate Change like this project has done to ours.

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18th November - Upcoming Lecture

Next Tuesday the 23rd of November four of our members (Caroline, Colleen, Deirdre and Eniola) will attend the EPA Climate Change Lecture with the speaker Mary Robinson. We wish to extend our knowledge of Climate Change and we'll definitely post when we get back so that you can learn from it too.

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17th November - We Create a Song

In preparation for our upcoming visit to local primary schools, we have created a song for our team which we will teach each class. It was mainly written by Eniola, Deirdre will play the piano and Colleen will play the guitar.

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27th & 29th October - Website Development

Caroline and Eniola meet up over the midterm to work on the development of the website so that it is ready in time to enter it in the Junior Spiders Competition. Pictures were taken which feature Eniola herself and Caroline's little sister and are currently being used on the website.

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26th October - Upcoming Visit to Dublin

During the week of the 8th of November our team are going to go into Dublin and spend the day learning more about Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. We're going to go to the Green Machines Exhibition in the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin to learn about energy efficiency and innovative designs to help the environment. We're going to go to the ENFO office in Dublin to learn more about Climate Change's effects on the rest of nature and more about trees specifically. We'll update after we get back and share what we learned. :)

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11th October - Idea 3 - The Final Idea

Guess what? We decided to change our project topic yet again! We concluded the water idea didn't fit in with this year's topics. We have now decided to base our project on trees. You can find out more about our project by clicking here. We are now dubbed Team Tree To One.

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10th October - Fundraising Events

We held our first fundraiser on the 4th of October where we sold chocolate covered marshmallows with smarties during lunchtime. It was a big success so thank you to everyone who contributed.

We held our second fundraiser during the week of the 4th till the 8th of October: we got students to guess how many sweets were in a jar: the total was 833. It was a very big jar! It went very well so thank you to everyone who guessed.

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24th September - A New Member

A new member has just arrived to our group: Colleen Kelly. We now have 6 members and Colleen has proven to be a great addition.

Here is a photo of our team:

Team Photo

Back Row, left to right: Colleen, Deirdre, Eniola, Caroline.

Front Row, left to right: Jade, Samantha.

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22nd September - Junior Spiders Competition

We found out today about a competition run by eircom called the Junior Spiders Competition. It involves making your own website and entering it under one of their many catagories. Eniola and Caroline talked to their Physics teacher today who is responsible for the school website and asked could he help them make their own website. He said that he would allow us to host a website on the school website and he would post a link on the main school website. He also offered his help and told us a bit about websites and taught us how to go about making one. Then he let us have free reign unless we have any difficulties in which case he will be there to help.

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20th September - Idea 2

Our idea has changed to a much more developed idea based aound water and how it is a part of climate change. We all really like this idea so we took a vote and decide to go with it. We plan to talk about it more and come up with a solid aim, vision and plan of action. We did however come up with our team name: Team H2One.

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6th September - Idea 1

Our first idea is based around the idea of travel and how the method of travel you use has an impact on the enviroment. We've talked about it for a couple of classes and we've decided not to go with this idea because we think it is overdone.

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1st September - We start!

We eager TY students were introduced today to the One Good Idea project - you can learn more about it by clicking here. We formed ourselves into groups and our ideas swirled. Nameless, our group consists of: Caroline Brennan, Deirdre Harford, Eniola Kasim, Jade Bakare and Samantha Burns.

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