Our Project

We decided to base our project on trees, a major cause of Climate Change. We researched climate, climate change, carbon sink, deforestation and reforestation, how to plant a tree, native Irish trees as well as trees and the environment in general to name a few things. We picked primary school children as our target audience and we came up with a very creative idea for our campaign.

Our message is to cut back, not down. This means you should cut back on the amount of harm you cause on the environment by doing little things like recycling and using both sides of a piece of paper or even planting a tree but you should not be wasteful with your paper because it will result in more trees being cut down which is bad for the environment.

Our aim is to reach out and educate the young children on how they can help the earth today by having fun and spreading the message we gave them.

Our vision is of a world twenty years from now where the children we have once taught are living out the message that we gave them and are making the world a better place for everyone.

We decided that we would visit several young classes in local primary schools. Some of the things we will do with the children include:

- Arts and crafts to engage the children and to teach them about the different parts of the tree. We hope to make a poster using their handprints to show their responsibility to look after trees and the environment and to teach them about their role as stewards of the earth.

- Plant a tree or a sapling to take the first step in making climate change come to a halt. It would inspire the children to make practical changes at home to help save the environment.

- Play games with the children to engage them and to make our lessons less boring, more enjoyable and more interesting. These games will help them learn more and illustrate our message in a way they can understand.

- Sing our team song "Tree to One - Cut Back Not Down" with the children to help them remember our message.