• Head Girls Welcome

Head Girls’ Welcome

Dia dhaoibh agus fáilte ar ais roimh gach duine. Tá súil againn go mbeidh bliain den scoth agaibhse go léir agus go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh agus tairbhe as an scoil bhliain as romhainn. Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh!

Hello everyone. 

As we have the privilege of being your Head Girls this year, we want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the student community. We want to highlight our place on the journey on which every one of you is about to embark over the next school year, a year that should prove to be an exciting and interesting one,  with no restrictions and limitless opportunities. 

Sometimes, the school can be a place of exuberance where you build a rapport with your teachers and enjoy lunch with your friends daily. On the flip side, occasionally, we may also have bad days because that’s just part of life. The special thing about Loreto is the many teachers who are here to support us on our journey through school. Whether it is helping you when struggling in a certain subject or guiding you in uncovering your future career path, or simply showing you your way around, there is always someone there to offer a helping hand. 

Teachers aside, If any of you see any of us in the corridors before school, at break, or during lunch, please feel free to come and speak to us about any worries or questions you may have. This applies to all of the senior student leaders, who are more than willing to help any of you in need. 

To the first years, we know that this year can be a very intimidating time. We were in your shoes not so long ago. We were also extremely nervous about the transition from primary school to secondary school. If we were to give one piece of advice to our first-year self, it would be just to live each school day in the moment. It goes by so fast, and here we find ourselves, not ready to leave this community that has helped us feel so seen. You now have the chance to seize every opportunity as you begin your Loreto Journey, and we wish you all the very best as you embark upon a very exciting and fulfilling six years.

To the second years, we hope that you have settled well into the school and are ready to dive right into this year. We also applaud you for settling into the school during a pandemic. You have already overcome so many obstacles, such as learning how to use your new lockers and getting used to your changed timetables.


Third years, this is the year of your first state exams; you have managed to work your way through the first half of your curriculum despite the circumstances. Although you may view this year as one that is going to be filled with stress and worry, we want to let you know that third year is the year where friendships truly become solidified. Your trip to the Giant’s Causeway will offer wonderful experiences and memories to look back on. Make the most of this year, as it will undoubtedly stand out for you in the future.

TYs, No other year has helped us grow as individuals as much as Transition Year has. We really enjoyed TY. It was a year that was very different from the previous two exams. We are beyond excited to see you exhibit your wide variety of talents in the Legally Blonde Musical, Mock trials, BT Young Scientist, Mini-Company, and Junk Kouture. Possibly the best of all, we are sure that you have already got a taste of just some of the trips that TY offers us. Although we can’t say much about these trips, as our TY was right in the middle of the pandemic, the school tried its best to still make TY an unforgettable experience for us all. Enjoy it all, and remember you get from TY what you put into it.

To the fifth years, we are not going to sugarcoat it. 5th year does have its challenges. But, it also potentially holds some of our most fond memories of our secondary school experience. From the ski trip to watching Macbeth on the big screen to becoming senior prefects and taking on leadership roles, 5th year was a time when we saw our friendships flourish and the relationships with our teachers evolve. How you can personally develop as a result of 5th year is absolutely immeasurable.


Finally, to our fellow sixth years. Instead of focusing on the negatives, let us focus on the positives. Look at where we are now. This year will hold our most cherished and unforgettable memories. We are now the representatives of our school community, and we take on that responsibility with pride. We will continue to support one another in a time when we will have many highs but also many lows. This is the year that we take control of our lives. The coveted atrium and the ability to go out for lunch have finally been granted. Even though many of us are ready to move on with our lives and go to college, or take a gap year and travel the world, or join the workforce,  we also want to reiterate the importance of living in the moment. It is our final year. It will go by before we even realise it. So let’s sit back, work hard, take breaks and watch as our journey in Loreto is gradually coming to its end.


And so, to conclude, stay positive, enjoy the year ahead and remember to give it all you have. It will be returned to you in ways you can’t now foresee.