• Student Council

Student Council 2023/2024


The Student Council plays a vital role in our school community, acting as the voice for the student body and bridging the communication gap between students and staff. The Council consists of 3

members from each year group, elected biannually. Every Tuesday, the council meets at lunchtime with Ms. Clarke to address current issues within the school community. In addition to this, the council organises fundraisers (for example our annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Spirit Day), works on long term projects with the School’s Management Team, such as uniform changes and policy updates, and communicates back to the student population via class visits, surveys and updates to the Student Council noticeboard and school website. The Student Council has a fantastic impact on school life, making great positive changes within the school environment. If you have any ideas or suggestions for our Student Council, you can always tell them to your year’s representative and they will bring it up in our next meeting.

The Student Council will keep all stakeholders updated on their activities via:

  • Student Council Notice Board.
  • School Website, Instagram and X
  • Student  Email.
  • Internal School Announcements.


Student Council Representatives 23/24

Yasmin Rasheed – Chairperson & 6th Year Representative
Emma Parkes – Secretary & 6th Year Representative
Davina Gomina – Treasurer & 6th Year Representative
Huriyah Baqer – Deputy Chairperson & 5th Year Representative
Holly O’Connor – Deputy Secretary & 5th Year Representative
Ruth Cooper – Deputy Treasurer & 5th Year Representative
Emer Fanning – PR Team & 4th Year Representative
Emma Dowling – PR Team & 4th Year Representative
Tess Doherty – PR Team & 4th Year Representative
Elsie Gilmurray – PR Team & 3rd Year Representative
Anne-Marie Dowling – PR Team & 3rd Year Representative
Muireann Bagley – PR Team & 3rd Year Representative
Heidi Macken – 2nd Year Representative
Chloe Ahern – 2nd Year Representative
Oliwia Jedrasik – 2nd Year Representative
Roise Flynn – 1st Year Representative
Clodagh Meehan – 1st Year Representative
Lateefah Lemboye – 1st Year Representative

ISSU Report

Student council representatives Emma Dowling (4th year) and Muireann Bagley (3rd year) attended the ISSU (Irish Secondary Students Union) annual assembly which was split over the course of two days, March 2nd and 3rd. Day 1 was completed online via a Zoom call. They voted on new ISSU constitutional amendments, directive mandates and other policies. They also had an informative digital workshop about the European Parliament Elections this year and the voting process.

Day 2 was located in Liberty Hall, Dublin. The day started off with voting on policies not covered on day 1. Then came the voting of the new ISSU government. Many workshops were in session throughout the day, including the promotion and education of the Irish language, Studyclix tutorials and promo codes (available on the student council noticeboard), as well as talks from mandate Trade Union Ireland. It was a busy day filled with  educational topics and ensuring all students’ voices were heard. Much fun was to be had and we can’t wait until next year’s assembly.


   Ardgillan Student Council Cluster Meeting – April 18th 2024


The Loreto Student Council, represented by Huriyah Baqer (5th year), Muireann Bagley(3rd year), Ruth Cooper(5th year) and Roise Flynn(1st year), had the privilege of attending the Student Council Cluster Meeting on April 18th at Ardgillan Community College. The gathering was a convergence of several student councils from various schools in the Fingal area. 


Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted and given a tour of the school. This was followed by an engaging grouping activity where we were placed with students from different schools. The next hour was filled with an array of icebreaker activities, including constructing the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower, and the “Who is the Leader?” game. These activities not only facilitated team bonding but also encouraged our problem-solving skills.


The highlight of the morning session was our group discussion on the challenges young people face in Ireland today and our collective vision for the country in 2030. Through collaborative brainstorming, we identified key issues and crafted three questions to pose to the politicians in attendance. Some questions included “What specific plans do you have to increase the availability of affordable housing for young people”, “What measures can you take to regulate and educate young people about the risks associated with vaping, and to prevent underage vaping”, and “Can the Irish Education System consider Apprenticeships and Vocational Courses as an alternative entry routes for high point courses such as Medicine and Law”. 


After lunch, we engaged in an informative conversation with the Mayor of Fingal, the Deputy Mayor, and Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee. This session was enlightening, as we delved into topics ranging from youth vape usage to the education system and the housing crisis.


In reflection, the Loreto Balbrigann Student Council found the meeting not only educational but also a lot of fun. We gained valuable knowledge, honed our teamwork skills, and established connections with fellow student leaders. It would be beneficial to host something similar in the future because it provides a valuable opportunity for collaboration and sharing of ideas among different schools.