• Student Leadership

Leaders act as role models and mentors.

Students are strongly encouraged to take up leadership roles within the school. Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan has a successful prefect structure of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Captains, Co-ordinators, Senior Prefects and Class Prefects. The senior leadership team of Captains, Coordinators and Senior Prefects are elected each year from the fifth and sixth-year groups by their teachers and peers. The senior leaders act as role models and mentors for all our school students and help build and promote a positive, safe and happy school environment through their presence and example. Each prefect has responsibility for a junior class. They give time to this class and are kind and approachable to the students in their care. The co-ordinators are responsible for promoting specific subject areas and well-being within the school.

Being a student leader in Loreto Secondary School enables those involved to develop personally into effective leaders. It creates cohesion between the senior students and the rest of the student body, and it aims to use the strengths of the senior leaders to benefit and inspire our younger students. The engagement of the student’s voice in actions and decisions which shape their learning environment is at the center of our leadership structures. The Department of Education and Skills, in their 2019 careers inspection, commented as follows;

“It is commendable that students play key leadership roles as senior prefects, mentors, captains, co-ordinators and members of the student council. They are actively involved in promoting positive mental health, peer support and student solidarity”.

Student Leadership Team 2022-2023

Head Girl Josica Vintem
Deputy Heads Adriana Ciot, Aisling Patterson, Zara Stafford.

Captains and Co-ordinators 2022/23 6th years

Irish Leah Brady, Orla Davey
English Cait Kelly, Elizabeth Foley
Maths Hailey Clark, Rebecca Harney
French Lucy Keogh, Laura Kilbride
German Bronagh McDonagh, Anna Russell
Geography Siofra O’Sullivan, Molly Bentley
Science Nikolet Serbezova, Kerrie Gillen, Aoife Gleeson, Claire Johnson, Hannah O’Connor,
Niamh McManus, Keeva O’Reilly, Laura O’Brien, Sophie O’Leary, Isabella Watts
Business Roisin Smyth, Elsa Boby, Caoimhe McCann
Art Lily Anderson, Kirsten Downey, Katie Jones, Isabelle Gray
JPIC & Environment Eliza Monaghan, Eve Cottell
Sport Kila Butler, Nicole Ford, Rebecca Gough, Lauren Grant, Ciara Harford, Eleanor
Kinsella, Niamh O’Brien, Anna Gavigan
Music Hannah Tighe, Catherine Noorlandt, Katie Tancock, Emma Kate Ryan, Ailis Cope,
Erika Mitchell, Charlie Oakley
Home Economics Emily Collins, Lauren Farrell, Coleen Moran, Ellen Gahan, Lucy Hand
Mental Wellbeing Rachel Neary Whearity, Lauren O’Neill, Maryam Awofodu
Intercultural Tunmise Adelandan, Jess Joy, Preethigaa Kumaresan, Hiba Shahzad
Politics & Society Megan Westby, Anna Doyle
Megan Westby, Anna Doyle Melissa Mese
Technology Lucy Kelly Hughes, Ciara Malone
Social Media Megan Giblin, Clodagh Tyrrell, Lucy Flynn
JEDI Natasha Cox, Ruth Osastin
Debating Holly O’Neill, Nelly Okeranlen
Year Group  
1st Year Co-Ordinator Aimee Crotty, Anna Keddie
6th Year Co-Ordinator Olivia Brennan, Laura Fagan

 Senior Prefects Academic Year 2022/23 5th years

1A Loren Florita, Abigail O’Brien Murray.
1B Eve Duffy, Orfhlaith Griffin.
1C Daisy Pereira, Berakia Ndongala.
1D Grace El Shamy, Hannah McGinnis
1E Sania Santosh, Emma Parkes.
1G Robyn Chiodgey, Davina Gomina.
1H Aoife Donoghue, Sienna Graham.
2A   Aoibheann Davis, Yasmin Rasheed, Olivia O’Shea.
2B Sophia Foley, Lucy Andrews, Jesse Ward.
2C Aoife McAfee, Ellie Webster, Tara O’Leary.
2D Lily May Reilly, Paulina Jureczko, Emma Neurohr.
2E Áine Daughton, Lucy Maxwell, Leah Murtagh.
2G Julia Lachacz, Rebecca Lyons, Lauren fanning.
2H Emilia Zselemi, Steffy Sunny, Jane Heffernan.
2J Isabelle Lynch,Sophie Monks, Caitlin O’Dea.
3A Kayan Butt, Berakia Ndongala.
3B Maedhbh Monks, Isabelle Lyster.
3C Ana Mai Whelan, Lia Butler
3D Grace Murray, Sarah Hackett Dodd.
3E Cianna Flynn, Abbey O’Brien.
3G Laoise Stapleton, Ruth Barrett.
3H Dorina Rahlin, Tara McNally.

Anti Bullying Kate Carthy, Saoirse Gaynor, Hannah Watters, Sinead Devane.
Intercultural: Sidra Shahzad, Summer Sterio, Avril Bunker,Ishbel Daguman.
Mental Wellbeing: Erica O’Brien Murray, Grace Anderson, Laetitia Nouaha, Holly Lambert, Melissa Asare.
Social Media

Martina Medvedovska, Keira Coughlan, Lilia Connolly,

Clarissa Kanku, Rebecca Nagle.

JPIC Isobel Murphy, Eniola Alabi.