2nd and 5th Year Retreat

Second and fifth year students recently attended their annual retreat led by Mr. Gerry Keegan. Both retreats focused on the statements “You are special” and “You are loved by God”. As well as fun music quizzes and team building exercises, Gerry’s workshops gave the students an opportunity to engage with their own spiritual and personal development.Gerry also shared aspects of his own faith journey and encouraged the students to reflect on their own lives and experiences. All week the students were treated to Gerry’s wonderful musical performances and many students left with free copies of Gerry’s CD “Love is Patient”. Gerry has been facilitating retreats in Loreto Balbriggan since 1993 and to mark thirty years of friendship and commitment, fifth year students Maria Ferguson and Emily Ryan presented Gerry with the gift of a Rose Bush. We hope this gift will always remind Gerry of the many friends he has in Loreto Balbriggan. We look forward to welcoming Gerry back in November 2024.