Intercultural Week 2024

Intercultural Week came to a close today. In keeping with our ethos where ‘diversity is celebrated’ we celebrated the 50+ nationalities represented in the student body through various activities. dance performed by students from various cultural backgrounds in the school courtyard Today began with the Intercultural World Cup Final. During the week over 70 students represented nations across the globe in a fun-filled, competitive, and supportive atmosphere every morning before school. Jamaica went head to head with Scotland in the World Cup final this morning but in the end, Jamaica were crowned the winners after a very tense penalty shoot-out.


Later, national costumes in the fashion show brought a kaleidoscope of colour to the school gym. Dancers from Ireland, Australia, Chile, Nigeria, India and the Philippines closed the show, bringing the house down with their amazing routines. Everyone present really appreciated all the hard work that went into creating such a wonderful spectacle. Congratulations to Davina, Sidra, Steffi, Sania and Melissa, our intercultural captains and members of the teaching staff on the intercultural committee who made it all look so simple. It was a wonderful week celebrating our multicultural school.