January 22nd

Many thanks to all students and parents/guardians who filled out surveys this week in relation to online learning. The school is collating all responses and will be in contact with year groups and parents in due course.

Should the school reopen on February 1st, sixth year mock exams due to commence that day will now commence on  February 22nd- March 5th.

All third year students and their parents/guardians have been informed that the mock exams which were scheduled for January have been postponed until later on in the term. All parents/guardians and students will be notified in advance of any decisions made by the school.

The School would like to advise that the entrance test for incoming first years 2021 has been changed from Friday, February 5th to Friday, April 16th.

On January 23rd we celebrate the birth of our foundress, Venerable Mary Ward, who believed passionately in the capacity of women, through education, to make a profound difference for good in the world.  During these uncertain times we remember that   ‘A Mary Ward school today promotes not only the traditional values in which it is rooted but also those values needed for education that is responsive and relevant to the present reality and to the future.'(cf KG pp 1 & 7)