November 20th

Exam week began on Wednesday and will continue to Wednesday 25th. We would like to remind students that it is very important to attend school this week. Students should have no homework this week so that they can revise for their exams.

TY students had a very busy few days participating in martial arts workshops on Monday and Tuesday where they were introduced to the skills associated with Ju-JItsu and Taekwondo.  In the afternoons the students created their own clay Christmas decorations.

Please click on the link to see TY students participating in taekwondo workshops

Stand  Up  Week.

This week was ‘Stand Up Week’ Loreto Balbriggan is an inclusive school where ‘Diversity is Celebrated ‘ (KG 2003). In class, the students discussed what it means to be a kind, inclusive and supportive friend. By continuing to work together we will create a safe and supportive environment for our LGBTQI+ students where hate speech, homophobic and transphobic bullying will never be tolerated. Some students created a stand up mural. This colourful mural features a rainbow flag and a butterfly. The flag is a symbol of inclusion while the butterfly is a symbol of change and transformation that is relevant to all of us as our lives change. On Friday all students and staff were encouraged to show their solidarity by wearing hats scarves or masks in any colour of the rainbow.