Senior 1A Leinster Winners



Congratulations to our senior hockey team who were victorious over St Raphaella’s and crowned Senior 1A Leinster champions this week. The tension was palpable as this exciting game reached full time. Both teams fought tooth and nail, displaying extraordinary skill and determination. With the score 1:1 at full time the game headed into a nerve-wracking eight-second penalty shootout. The crowd erupted into a frenzy as the final shot found the back of the net, securing victory for Loreto Balbriggan. It was a testament to their unwavering team spirit and resilience. Yet, credit must be given to the valiant opposition, whose performance pushed the champions to their limits.

This hockey team epitomizes dedication and excellence. Their commitment to training has honed their skills. Yet, what truly sets them apart is their remarkable team spirit. Each member selflessly contributed to the collective effort, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity driving them to push beyond their limits and achieve extraordinary feats together. The final was also a bittersweet moment for the 6th year members of the team, marking the end of an era, as it was their last game for Loreto Balbriggan, but what a way to finish!