Senior Prizegiving.

6th Year


In Loreto Balbriggan we believe that it is very important to acknowledge academic achievement in school, as it is the essence of our day to day work. Prizegiving has been an integral part of our school calendar since the establishment of the school in 1857 and this whole school occasion provides an opportunity for the school to recognise both the academic and extracurricular efforts and achievements of students.

Academic Excellence Award

This award acknowledges academic excellence and recognises those students who have excelled in their subject area. In addition, a Certificate of Outstanding Academic Excellence is awarded to those students who have won more than two individual subject awards.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded an Outstanding Academic Excellence Award.

Mizna Shahid: Irish, English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, French.
Ella Markey: Economics, Biology, French.
Sinead Clarke: Maths, Physics.
Doireann McAuley: Irish, English.
Ella McCarthy: Maths, Accounting.
Riona Campion : Art, German.
Lia Mulcahy : English, History.
Rachel Byrne: Maths, Business.


Congratulations to the following students who were awarded an Academic Excellence Award.

Muirne O’Connor: Irish.

Iyobo Ugiagbe,Sophie McEvoy: Business.

Art: Ella Walsh:

Aisling Leahy: Music.

Esther Iyere: Biology

French. Alana Foy Nicoleau.

German: Caoimhe Young.

Ella Creighton: Geography.


Academic endeavour


This award celebrates and recognises the commitment and hard work of a particular student in class. This student has demonstrated a positive attitude and displayed an excellent work ethic. This student has worked to the best of their ability and is very much a positive force within the class.


Students who have received outstanding endeavour in more than one subject-



Grace Mfinda                    Irish, Maths, Biology

Stephanie Lawani              Irish, Physical Education

Shauna Hart                      Maths, Music, German

Ailbhe Beggs                      Accounting, Biology, German

Riona Campion                  English, Biology, French

Eileen Foley                        English, French, History

Ciara Harrison                   Biology, Politics & Society

Usmara Amir                     Technology, Maths

Abby Ward                        French, Irish

Sports Awards.

Congratulations to the following students whose commitment and dedication over the years have been exemplary and now as they exit the playing field of Loreto Balbriggan we hope that they remember fondly their sporting achievements in Loreto and continue on to excel in the sporting world.

Athletics:                       Faye McGloughlin

Camogie:                        Robyn Buckley

Gaelic Football:              Megan McAuley

Hockey:                         Emma Downey

Soccer:                           Leah Marry

Golf                               Emma Tracey.

Perpetual Awards.

Senior Student of the Year: Ríona Campion.

Sports Person of the Year: Faye McGloughlin, Heather McGloughlin.


Music Student of the Year: Kate McFadden.



Mary Ward Award: Hannah Morley.


Loreto Trust Award: Fiona Tolan.




5th Year Prizegiving.

Academic Awards.

Congratulations to the following students who received Outstanding Academic Excellence Awards.

Adrianna Ciot                       Irish, English.

Hannah O’Connor               Irish, Maths, Business, Chemistry.

Roisin Smyth                         Maths, Politics and Society.

Katie Jones                            Business, French.

Lily Anderson                       Art, Physics.

Kerri Gillen                           Economics, Chemistry.

Sophie O’Brien                     Maths, Applied Maths.



Congratulations to the following students who received Academic Awards.

Leah Brady: Irish

Orla Davey: English.

Nikolet Serbezova. Accounting.

Sinead McMenemy: Art.

Catherine Noorlandt: Music.

Laura O’Brien, Keeva O’Reilly, Aoife Gleeson: Biology.

Saoirse Dollard, Laura Kilbride: French.

Bronagh McDonagh, Lauren Grant: German.

Amy O’Connell: History.

Anna Gavigan: History.

Aoife Thorne, Ellen Gahan:  Home Economics.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick: LCPE.

Aoibhe Hegarty: Technology.


 Sports Awards.

The following students have been acknowledged for their commitment and hard work throughout the year.


Athletics:                       Holly Brady

Basketball:                      Jane Oakley

Camogie:                        Rebecca Kehoe Fitzpatrick

Gaelic Football:              Leah Brady

Hockey:                         Aoife Gleeson

Soccer:                           Sophie O’Brien

Equestrian:                     Sarah McNally

Volleyball:                      Bronagh McDonagh

Badminton:                     Adrianna Ciot