September 18th

Due to COVID 19, we cannot proceed with our information evenings for 6th class students, which are normally held at this time of year.

Application forms for students starting in 1st year in 2021 will be available for completion online from September 25th or for download (and in hard copy on request) from that date.

The school will commence processing applications for admission on 1st October.

The school will cease accepting applications for admission on  October 22nd, 4pm.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the decision on their application by 12th November.

Applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission by 26th November.

Failure by an applicant to accept an offer by the  26th of November 2020 may result in the offer being withdrawn.

Please refer to the school’s website under the ‘For Parents’ tab for further information on the school’s admission policy and application procedures.


Many thanks to Ms. McCabe, Ms.McNally and the teachers on the TY Co-Ordinating committee who organised the TY BLessing on Tuesday. A series of beautiful images and reflections were live-streamed into the TY classrooms. Afterwards the students had the opportunity to venture out into the sunshine and get to know their new classmates.


TY local history class availed of the beautiful weather this week and visited the lighthouse in the harbour. This lighthouse dates from 1769 and has been a well known landmark in the town ever since.  The dome was reinstalled in September 2018.