Shrek JR


It was curtains up for Shrek Junior from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th April.What a spectacular show! Congratulations to the entire Transition Year, Cast and Crew  for delivering an absolutely enchanting production of Shrek in this the first production in Amharclann our new theatre space. The talent displayed displayed was truly remarkable, from the back stage crews who transported us to another world and to the actors who brought  their character to life with such depth and authenticity. From the humorous banter to the heartfelt moments, every scene was captivating and thoroughly enjoyable. The singing was pitch-perfect, and the dancing added an extra layer of magic to the performance. All the students’ hard work and dedication shone through, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Behind this amazing production was a group of incredibly talented teachers whose dedication and expertise paved the way for this outstanding production. Their guidance and mentorship have nurtured the skills and confidence of each student whatever their role was in the production. Many thanks to, Ms Romy Greham and Mr.Ryan McMahon who headed ticket sales, marketing and front of house,Ms Niamh Russell who was in charge of props and the lighting crew, Mr Luke Kilgarriff and the set design team for their exceptional work in bringing the world of Shrek to life,Ms Alice Clarke who headed up costume and makeup and directors Ms. Audrey Fagan,Ms. Jane Meighan, Ms.Orlaith Gaughan and musical director Ms. Shauna Hunt whose coaching, encouragement expertise and unwavering dedication brought out the best in every cast member, resulting in a truly magical production.  A special thanks to Emma Kearns, choreographer who expertly guided the girls through their paces.